Customer survey

At the end of 2015 we did a customer survey. We are very happy to know that the overall opinions and experiences with us and Mollii are good!

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Inerventions develops, manufactures and sells Mollii, which was launched on the European market as a medical device in late 2012. The company was set up in 2009 by Fredrik Lundqvist, the creator of Mollii.

Inerventions is committed to creating opportunities for active movement and functional improvements, and to providing everybody with the chance to live a dignified and active life.

Our aim is to alleviate the effects of spasticity and difficulties to control voluntary movements.

We are focused on quality and reducing risks through continuous development of our product.
Our quality system is certified according to EN-ISO 13485:2012.
Mollii is CE-marked and has undergone electrical safety tests according to IEC 60601-1.


The Local publishes an article about Mollii (2013-11-15)

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) writes about Mollii (2013-10-13).

Fredrik Lundqvist presents his idea to the dragons in the Dragon’s Den on Swedish television (2010).
Part 1 | Part 2

Here you can download Inerventions’ press pictures and logotypes. The content is free to publish in contexts where Inervention or Mollii is mentioned.
Inerventions’ press kit (25 MB)


Printed Electronics USA 2012

Inerventions employees Johan Gawell and Jonas Wistrand, together with researchers from the University of Borås, won the prize for best poster at Printed Electronics USA 2012. The poster presented the technical research and development behind Elektrodress.

Prize of honor at Grand Award of Design 2015

Inerventions participated in the finals of the Grand Award of Design 2015. We didn’t win but received the prize of honor. A prize we’re very proud of at Inerventions.

Development grants

Inerventions has been awarded funding from Vinnova within the framework of Forska&Väx (Research&Grow) and Design, as well as from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the Promobilia Foundation, the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund and the Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation. Many thanks for making our activities possible!

Robotdalen Innovation Award

Elektrodress won the Swedish Robotdalen Innovation Award for 2013. Read more.


Fredrik Lundqvist

Chiropractor, Business Development Manager

Jesper Sjöstrand


Jörgen Sandell

Chiropractor, Head Clinician and Method Specialist

Helen Aronsson

National sales and marketing, Physiotherapist

Annika Rydgård

Chief Research Officer, Physiotherapist

Karolina Magnusson

CTO and development engineer

Dag Fredriksen

Administrator, Physiotherapist

Lars Dernebo

Product development engineer

Mikael Laurila


Josephine Ridderheim

Administration and Marketing (currently on parental leave)




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