Pressrelease från England - A New Choice in the Battle against Spasticity and Motor Function Disorders

18 Okt 2016

A New Choice in the Battle against Spasticity and Motor Function Disorders

Getting the body to overcome spasticity and other motor function disorders itself is now achievable for many who suffer these painful, daily limitations. Existing approaches often rely on various physical, electrical and pharmacologic methods and occasionally drastic surgery but few if any tackle the body as a whole or encourage the body’s rehabilitation.
The Mollii Suit has recently arrived in the UK from Sweden to be a new option for sufferers and their healthcare team, to enable the body itself to overcome the muscle and motor problem. Using existing principles of nerve stimulation in a different way, the Suit prompts the brain and central nervous system to achieve the goal by giving personalised peripheral sensory feedback. This feedback is essential to all voluntary movement, control and muscle function in all of us but is interrupted in sufferers of these problems such as people with cerebral palsy, stroke, brain or spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis.
The Mollii Suit is distributed in the UK by Remotion Ltd, a medical product specialist who have been introducing the Suit across Centres and clinics this year with excellent results. . It is already in use in a dozen other European countries and is fully authorised as a medical device.
The Suit is easy to wear regularly at home or in a clinic and is even machine washable. With 26 sizes from 3 years old children up to XXXL men’s and women’s, it can be used by almost anyone. With no side effects and a smart design, its Swedish medical innovation at its best.

Contact Remotion Ltd on 01730 269 00 or Email : 16-10-16


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