Nytt syndrom

7 Feb 2016

Inerventions is constantly looking for new diagnosises and syndromes where the Mollii-suit could improve the quality of life of new patient groups. After performing several successful tests we are very happy to announce a new syndrome, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, where Mollii seem to have good clinical effect. We have seen improved movement function, heavily reduced pain and improved stability/balance.
Other more rare diseases where Mollii has been found to be beneficial, are: HSP – Heriditaty Spastic Paraparesis, Dystonia, Retts-syndrome, Spinal Muscle Atrofia, Muscle Dystrofia, Spinocerebellar Ataxia and other syndromens where low or high muscle tone ,and debilitating pain, is a major component.

Our major patient groups today are: CP, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries, MS

Therapy tests at Inerventions are always free of charge, just contact us if you think we can help you.


maj 2017
31/05 onsdag
Mollii i artikel i Hallands nyheter
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12/05 fredag
Mollii lanserar i Australien! Artikel i the Advertiser
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april 2017
27/04 torsdag
Träffa oss på Funka för livet i Kalmar 3-4 maj!
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19/04 onsdag
Den statliga sjukvården i England informerar om Mollii
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mars 2017
16/03 torsdag
Välkomna på invigning av Inerventions Linköpingsfilial tisdag 18 april kl 15-19!
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februari 2017
27/02 måndag
Träffa oss och testa Mollii på Leva&Fungera i Göteborg!
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17/02 fredag
Inerventions söker utvecklingsingenjör inom elektronik!
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05/02 söndag
Natalie Eriksson Ahlgren intervjuar Kevin, 24, -”Jag hade inget att förlora”
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januari 2017
26/01 torsdag
Business Sweden skriver om Molliis export i Danmark
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13/01 fredag
Mollii i holländsk TV
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